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How you live your life is in many ways about your point of view, your perspective, or how you see things. Take the current pandemic as an example. It’s not only killing thousands of people; it’s also creating issues for those of us who have not been infected and even more issues for those who survive but with permanent ill health. Some of us are having no issues whatsoever because their lives haven’t really been affected, while others have had their lives turned upside down and inside out. The ongoing lockdowns across the globe, the endless squabbles over wear a mask and don’t wear a mask. Even some governments are fooling themselves and their citizens into thinking life is going to get back to normal, very soon.

Whether Covid-19 dies off, disappears or is beaten by a vaccine is an issue, but once this pandemic ends, which it will sooner or later, then we will have a lot of mopping up to do because some people are just going stir crazy and issues arising out of their mental state will be legion.

Having said that, you only must look back a few years and realise that during World War 2, many servicemen didn’t see their families for years. My own father managed to get a train from Glasgow to Leicester where he spent a few hours with his wife (my mother) and their new born son (my eldest brother) before turning round, going back to Glasgow. Boarding one of many ships and sailing off to invade North Africa. That was in November 1942 and he didn’t get back home until after the war in Europe was well and truly over, in November 1945. Three whole years away from home with not a lot of letters written, because my dad hated writing letters. So, my mother had a new-born baby and went to live with my dad’s parents… it was not a happy time for her. On the other hand, in a unique perspective, my dad considered his war years as amongst the happiest in his life.

So, you can see how some people perceive thier lot in life as being hard, whereas others may feel they have it easy. It’s all to do with how you perceive your lot in life.

Me? I choose the stay calm, keep cool, watch and wait approach for my perspective on life.

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