About Me

I was born in the corner of the living room, behind the TV. So said my father many times and the family agreed whole heartedly.

That seems to have set the tone for the rest of my life. In the corner or behind the TV, what is officially known about my birth is that it took place in England.


My mother inspired me to write. Isaac Asimov and Doctor Who  inspired my love of science fiction. Monty Python inspired me to be silly and I blame Billy Connolly entirely for my infrequent bursts of bad language.


Education for me was a rocky path strewn with good intent, laziness and a growing, discomforting, belief I knew more than some of my teachers did. At Grammar School  I failed my GCSEs miserably. I blamed it on too much revision and not enough coffee - yes I was addicted at an early age.


So, with an uninspiring bout of education under my belt it was off into the world of adulthood and work. But there was a growing feeling of disquiet in my mind, as if there was something bigger I had to achieve. That something manifested itself into a desire to write a book.


Putting aside my desire for literary greatness, I spent  four years working in an office and gaining the giddy heights of special director at the age of twenty-two. At that point  I did what only a child of indeterminate birthplace could do, I resigned. Personal computers had just been developed and I wanted to buy one to become a writer. So I got a job in a warehouse shifting boxes - it paid better than office work. I used my brain to write stories between tea-breaks.


But instead of writing fiction, I was hooked on writing computer programs. Software programming became my livelihood.


Forty years passed.


Now, after a lifetime as a computer programmer, I have finally come full circle and have started a career in writing.


Tom Kane 2017



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