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One of the things I expected to be eating a lot of in Cyprus was local fruit. This time of year you can see oranges ripening on trees all over the island. But what we were surprised to see is that a lot of the fruit is simply left on the trees until it ripens too much and falls to the ground, where it then rots. That was a big surprise. As was the fact that when we did our first shopping in a local supermarket, we found some of the fruit was imported, from as far away as Chile! What’s that all about?

It seems that in some cases it’s cheaper to import fruit than pick local fruit. The economics of Cyprus can be a little confusing sometimes and that was one aspect we did find a little weird. Especially when you do a taste comparison between local oranges and imported. The local fruit is, generally, a lot tastier and sweet. Our new local Supermarket, Alpha-Mega, have taken a great step forward in featuring local produce, whereas the previous incumbent of this store, Orphanides (who went bust a while back) showed scant interest in the locals or their produce.

The island in spring-time is awash with blossom and in many parts the lovely pink almond blossom. The valley we used to live in, north of Paphos, was a sight to behold and the whole area shimmered with pink blossom in the spring. But no one seemed to gather the nuts when they were ready to pick.

Grapes are a similar story with whole vineyards of grapes just left to rot on the vines, yet you can usually find plenty of imported grapes on the island.

Having said that, we’re looking forward to our oranges ripening because they are looking nice and juicy.

Just around the corner from us, there is a small patch of land with some nicely ripening oranges on the trees. Not a good idea eating those. Tried that last year and the bitter taste is awful. They’re grown to make marmalade!

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