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A word can change a mind. A sentence can change a life. A book can change the world

My superpower hearing was on the blink, I never heard it coming, the Unstoppable Force. It used my temporary affliction to halt me in my tracks. The Unstoppable Force is pure brute strength and it took what it wanted, humiliating me. My beautiful cape, followed by my superhero cowl. My sidekick was stunned by the […]

Every indie author should have a platform from which they should reach out to their audience.The foundation of that platform is a website. Mine is called Tom Kane Indie Author. Attached to my website is my blog, this blog. It’s attached because it means I control the blog, as opposed to a blog on […]

The two astronauts stood watching the small green glob with dumbstruck awe. It was alive, of that there was no doubt, as told by the alien’s small, but undulating mass and the odd, small, chirruping sound it made. For a long time, the two astronauts simply stared at the strange being. It had taken over […]

There was a point, a few years back, when everyone in Cyprus seemed to be on strike or want to go on strike. This piece is from 2014. Having spent quite a long time recently trying to find the general hospital in Larnaca, then trying to find somewhere to park (always a problem at hospitals […]