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  It’s said in blogging circles that content is king. That may be the case, but if nobody knows about your blog you’re wasting your time. There are bloggers out there who would love the chance to write a good blog, yet either can’t get started or have no idea where to begin. I was […]

Indie authors need some way of telling the world about their writing. Whether it’s a new book release or your latest flash fiction, you are in serious need if you don’t have a platform on which to tell your readers what it is you’re writing about. What we are looking at here is your way […]

When we first moved to Cyprus from England, nine years ago today, the very first thing we noticed was the cavalier or even daredevil attitude of the car drivers. They would overtake on bends and at the brow of a blind hill, sometimes moving fast, often moving slowly. And in all cases we have never […]

Fifteen years ago my wife, Jo, and I attended a christening in a small church in Paralimni, Cyprus. It was Jo’s youngest daughter’s son’s christening. Her daughter was married to a man who was of Cypriot parentage, so this was a full blown Cypriot christening. We had limited time on the island and only stayed […]

Can a Blog Help Book Sales? The answer is simple, but complicated. A blog can help book sales, but you need to build an audience and provide that audience with good content… and not just about your books. In blogging terms, I’m a relatively new kid on the blog block. I’ve been writing for many […]