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One thing that annoyed me more than anything else when I started writing and publishing my work as an indie author, was the marketing side. Some people are naturally outgoing and some are not. I’m in the latter category, being a truly reserved Englishman. But that doesn’t matter when you’re an indie author, trying to sell your books on Amazon, nobody expects you to stand on a street corner or in a shop shouting out about how great your work is. But you do need to let your potential readers know where they can buy your books.

When I published my first book on Amazon kindle, Operation Werwolf, it was pretty simple to write about it and put a link to the book within my blog post. But, that link was inevitably to either the UK Amazon website or the US Amazon website- not both! Then Amazon did something that caused great angst and gnashing of teeth in the world of the indie author… they opened up a whole host of localised websites. So then, especially if you had multiple books to sell, you needed and entire page on your website or blog-post of links to your books on these different websites. It was a nightmare! But then came a saviour.

Booklinker is the most brilliant idea for indie authors. Take a look here and you will be mightly impressed. Open a free account and you can then list your books and Booklinker will reward you with creating a universal link to your books. That link, however, is so clever. Use it to link your books from your website or blog and those who click on it will be taken to their local Amazon website. No more multiple links!

One link will rule them all, one link to find them. One link to bring them all and in the darkness find them.

Yeah, I know, sorry J.R.R. Tolkien, I just couldn’t resist it!

Tom Kane (c) 2017

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