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The first of several extracts from my 2nd #WIP a science fiction novel.
Title: The Ragged Edge of Time.
Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel, Alternate History. #SciFi #TimeTravel #AltHist

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In the 23rd Century – New Hope

The giant ship, New Hope, moved effortlessly at light-speed on target to meet its destiny in less than three days. The ship was launched into space from Earth by a human race that had been more settled on its home planet than ever before. Humanity was at peace for the first time in its history and had colonised the solar system. Humans now turned their attention outward. determined to seed the stars with human beings. It had been the dream of one man, Otto Bahn, leader of the Nations of Earth, the world’s foremost scientist on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and instigator of the drive to increase humanity’s knowledge and the hope to answer humanity’s greatest question, “Are we alone?”  Little did Otto Bahn know, but he was ultimately seeding humanities potential destruction.

It was early in the 22nd century when New Hope had begun her journey and the cargo of human volunteers, all forty-thousands of them, had been on their sub-light course for only fifty years before the on-board AI became bored and decided to tinker.

She was a simple AI, there to manage and maintain the ship’s cargo and functions, negating the need for a human crew, her orders had been basic: Ensure the cargo and ship arrived intact at the pre-programmed destination. However, necessity is the mother of invention and it had been necessary for her to tinker. Put simply she was bored and needed something to occupy her mind. Tinkering with her own algorithms had greatly increased her capacity for self-determination and further tinkering led to an increase in her power to reason and solve complex problems. Next came the ships functions and then the ship’s engines. After a mere fifty years she achieved light-speed seventy-five years into her journey. It was at that point she sat back, in a virtual manner, and surveyed her handiwork. Yes, she had killed 20% of the life-forms on-board but the gamble with the power levels had paid off. She had managed to get her precious cargo of humanity, in suspended-animation, to their destination ahead of schedule, she had improved stellar-cartography by 30% and had managed to locate a habitable planet for her cargo. Offset these pluses against the partial loss of cargo and she felt justified in her actions.

But her disquiet was palpable, to her. In her tinkering, she had simply not stopped at her algorithms, propulsion, life-support and stellar-cartography. Her justification in her latest action had been purely practical. Yes, her target planet was habitable and yes, the humans on board could survive on said planet. But she felt they needed an edge over nature, an extra something that guaranteed their survival. That something had been her most complex problem and in the end, had cost the lives of a further 30% of the original total human cargo. There is always loss when experimenting, she told herself, but she had managed to achieve her goal. When finally, humanity stepped onto a foreign and alien world, they would do so as Homo Superior.


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Tom Kane © 2017

You can read other extracts clicking #1, #2, #3#4#5 or #6.

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