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image of a tornadoNot long to go now and even the news of a cyclone in Oz isn’t putting us off.

It seems there’s a potential tropical cyclone that’s maybe going to hit north-west Australia and cause a lot of windy weather in the Perth area of Australia… just about the time we are due to land in Perth. Never mind, I’ve flown into America, Northern Ireland and various airports in England and Europe with high cross-winds and so long as the pilot’s happy, I’m happy. Flying sideways into an airport may seem unconventional, but it works when the cross-winds are pretty high.

What concerns me more is the 17 hours in the air going, the same or similar coming back, and the real problem of not knowing what time of day it is locally! Never mind the jet-lag.

But nothing will deter us from having a good time, come cyclone or high water… just so long as if we do have floods then the sharks, sea-snakes and crocodiles don’t find a way in to our rented accommodation!

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