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Our decision to buy an apartment is based on two guiding thoughts. (1) We cannot get a good return on investment via any Cypriot bank. (2) In a few years time we will want to downsize for our retirement. The most important of these two is our need to generate the best possible return on […]

Our search for an apartment has come to an end, assuming all the legalities work out okay. We’ve made an offer and paid the deposit on an apartment in Peyia, which is in the Paphos district and close to great beaches at Coral Bay and Corallia Beach. The apartment is on the edge of Peyia […]

I wrote a piece a couple of months back swearing never to monetize my blog. Well, having just received a whooping 200 Euro bill from my ISP (we have a contract where we add new sites with no extra payment) I now see the wisdom of monetizing a blog… I know, I’m a shallow creature […]

It’s looking more and more like a good investment buying in Cyprus and renting out as short term holiday lets. The banks here aren’t offering a very good return on investment and I suspect that’s true in many parts of Europe. So on that basis we drove to Paphos on Saturday to check out a […]

It’s happened a few times on social media, where I’ve posted something or commented on someone else’s feed and there’s been a response, but not so much to my comment or post, but to the fact I live in Cyprus. “Not the Cyprus, where all the money laundering goes on?” Well, yes, that Cyprus. But […]

Having lived in Cyprus for almost ten years, this September marks that anniversary, we are now in a position to buy residential property here. The idea is we will buy an apartment and rent it out for a few years and then when we’re ready to fully retire, we live in the apartment. Simple… but […]

The title of this post is innocent, but the content behind the subject matter is palpably sinister. I of course refer to that Mediterranean meal that is designed to pounce on unsuspecting and carefree travelers. If you have no idea what a meze is, then read on. You have to sit down and wade your […]

plants in a microwave

Concrete is king, here in Cyprus. Most of the houses, offices, any buildings really, are made of concrete. Even the crazy paving slabs around our pool are mostly concrete, some better quality than others. Take a close look at the crazy paving in the picture above and you can just see where the concrete is […]