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The American War of Independence was as much a revolutionary war against British rule as it was a civil war fought between friends and family. Although rarely viewed as such, the revolutionary war not only split families, it split trust, friendship and many long held beliefs about the rights of Kings and Queens to rule […]

With the recent March For Our Lives movement and consequent worldwide marches, it comes to mind how Cyprus deals with gun control. Hunting in Cyprus is a big deal, but nonetheless, there is a degree of gun control and laws as to when and where enthusiasts can use their weapons. It’s a problem though because […]

The small town of Margaret River has a lot to offer, the surrounding countryside and beaches are very beautiful. But that’s not all Maragaret River has to offer as it’s also famous for it’s wines, beers and spirits, sometimes likened to the Bordeaux region of France. As you drive through the area the place is […]

With the sacking of the deputy FBI director, just short of him getting a well-deserved pension, it shows how destructive and inhumane Donald Trump is. Trump is lashing out, a child that knows no bounds and has never learned right from wrong. I have a picture of him in my head where he is in […]

Following the nerve agent attack on Britain by Russia, it was clear from the joint statement made by Britain, France, Germany and the USA that we were all singing from the same hymn book… almost. While Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the UN, gave a clear and concise statement at the UN which actually sounded […]

Don’t worry, Cyprus hasn’t suddenly been overrun with crocodiles biting people’s feet off. It’s a bit more subtle than that and nothing to do with animals. Ten years ago I moved to Cyprus from England. One of the main reasons was warmth. I suffer a little with arthritis and the winter months in England were […]

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has said in the British Parliament that she believes the Russians were behind the use of a nerve agent,┬áNovichok, in an attempt to murder a Russian ex-spy and his daughter, in Salisbury, Wiltshire. There was no pussy-footing about with this statement and she gave Putin a deadline in which he […]