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The American War of Independence was as much a revolutionary war against British rule as it was a civil war fought between friends and family. Although rarely viewed as such, the revolutionary war not only split families, it split trust, friendship and many long held beliefs about the rights of Kings and Queens to rule our lives. After the victory of the colonists and the surrender of the British, up to 100,000 people fled America, loyalists to the British crown who saw no hope in their future in America.

But hope for the victors, born out of the ashes of that conflict, showed the world a new way forward for human beings to govern themselves. The great experiment, I think most will agree, has been a resounding success. And out of the conflict of the American War of Independence came a lasting friendship between two great nations, the so called, special relationship between the USA and the UK.

But that’s not to say the British way of governance was any less right. King George III became know as “the mad king who lost America” but who continued as king until his death in 1820. He was succeeded by his son and so the British monarchy continued on its way right up to our current Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen’s role in politics is limited, but she is seen as a stabalising force not only in Britain, but also across the globe where she has been sovereign of a total of 32 independent countries during her nearly 70 year reign.

But American hopes of a new way forward in governance, though well thought out by America’s founding fathers and framers, is now being tested to breaking point by a combined effort to seemingly destroy the republic and replace it with a dictatorship under the leadership of a new mad tyrant, one Donald J. Trump.

What started as a hap-hazard new style of populist politics by Trump has seen a seemingly crazy tableau of half-baked idealists, opportunists out to make a quick buck, a family clan any Mafia god-father would be proud of and a foreign power interfering and seemingly hell-bent on getting Trump elected. The Keystone Kops couldn’t have acted out a crazier scenario.

But the one factor nobody took into account, as these ramshackle opportunists made their grab for power and money, was the madness or just plain stupidity of Trump himself. There has been one consistent factor through this debacle of a Presidency and that is Trump’s ability to shoot himself in the foot at every turn. His constant lies, bigotry and racism have led to one inevitable path for him, the path to an ignominious footnote in history. He will be held up as an example, a warning to any future wannabe dictators not to even attempt a political coup.

But there is no getting away from the fact that if it hadn’t been for Trump’s ability to wreck his own presidency, the famed checks and balances of the American political system would have been sorely tested, perhaps even to breaking point.

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Living in Cyprus: 2015 here

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