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image from a rest room toilet sign

In my writing career it’s something I’ve heard and said many times. “We’re only human and we all make mistakes.” With spelling in the English language it’s true enough and I’ve made some howlers. We are only human and those two words are used in the way of forgiving a tiny error that didn’t hurt anyone. Spelling mistakes in particular are a source of embarrassment (probably not, actually) to the current occupier of the White House. On more than one occasion official press releases on where the President is flying to on Air Force Once have caused much giggling in the ranks of the press.

Here’s a few more typos that will make you do a double take.

On an exit door: “Are you sure you want to exist”

At an entrance to a mall: “Mined The Step”

On a school road: “SHCOOL”

A roadside warning: “Slipery Road”

Outside a restaurant: “English Wine & Child Beer”

Asian Road-sign: “Erection In Progress”

Outside an executive office: “Bored Room”

Outside a fast food restaurant: “Hiring For Afternoon Shits”

Roadside warning sign: “Porn Area”

Inside a bakery: “Please Use Tongue For Selection”

Inside a shop: “Shoplifters Will Be Prostituted”

Department Store: “Reduced Sofa And Bed Shit”

Warning sign to hunters: “Use Caution When Hunting Pedestrians”

Outside a church: “God Does Not Make Misteaks”

Roadside warning sign: “Give Way To Exciting Vehicles”

Outside a washroom: “Showers Will Be Shit Down Due To Repairs”

School Sign: “Talk On Dr Martian Luther King”

I’m sure Dr. King would have found the last one amusing and most will give you pause to smile at least.

Lets face it, we are all human and we do make mistakes, but every now and then, we make a mistake that is downright embarrassing.

image of a toilet sign

Know what I mean?

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Living in Cyprus: 2015 here

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