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image of a toilet in a hotel

Travelling to spectacular locations is one thing, but trying to write posts for your blog while travelling is something else. In January of this year I visited Perth in Western Australia. Despite staying in a great apartment in Perth and a lovely lodge in Bussleton, a few hours drive south of Perth, writing was hard. Why? Because I was using a travel keyboard connected to my kindle fire. With my big stubby fingers I was forever correcting my spelling mistakes brought on by the tiny keys on the tiny keyboard.

This time, here in Lake Como, it’s a lot easier in our four star hotel the Grand Hotel Cadenabbia, because I have a laptop. But I don’t have a desk that I can use unless I want to wake my wife up… not a good idea at five in the morning, which is when I do most of my writing.

But I’m inventive and as this PC is a laptop and because I have lovely fluffy towels, I can make do using… the toilet. Yes, dear reader, rather than doing a number two, I utilise this little boy’s room as my makeshift office. It has all mod cons. Running water, heating, and a great view of the night and lights on the far shore of Lake Como. What more could I need?

Maybe thicker towels and a pulley to get me off this seat!

It’s a hard life being a travel writer.

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