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A word can change a mind. A sentence can change a life. A book can change the world

New York.  As Blackmore nervously looked on, the New York Port Authority Pilot skillfully brought the Lady Jane to dock as he had done so many times before. Blackmore had allowed Maggie onto the bridge and he suddenly realised he didn’t know which was more nerve wracking, watching the pilot maneuvering his ship or being […]

Missing. Bad or good, news travels slowly once it reaches sparsely inhabited areas of the world and Kiev was no different in this respect. The sinking of the Titanic did not reach the Asparov family until ten days after the event, but that didn’t make the news any less dramatic or painful. Pokotilova, in the […]

Maggie. Nature takes its own counsel and its own course. Nature’s overriding loyalty is to nature and nature decided to cure Magda of all but one of her ills. Magda awoke with a start, sat up, looked around the small cabin that had been Captain Blackmore’s and spoke for the first time in many days. […]

The Loss. Matthew G. Ballantine III was not a man to show any emotions, except for one, anger. And when a man as powerful as he gets angry, people had better get out of his way. At least, that’s the way Ballantine saw himself. In reality, it was petulance alternating between anger that was his […]

Debris. The scene of debris, bodies, capsized-boats, flotsam and a mass of small icebergs scattered across a wide expanse of freezing Ocean sent a chill down Blackmore’s spine. It wasn’t the chill of the cold, it was the chill of desperation those people experienced in their last moment before a cold death took them. It […]

Immigration is a problem in America as it is worldwide. The movement of people between countries is unprecedented and some countries cannot cope. That is a fact. There are ways and means of limiting immigration, but Donald Trump’s current policy is not the way forward, it’s a step back to a dark time when Europe […]

Donald Trump’s blatant human rights violation in snatching children from the arms of their parents is causing justified outrage across the globe. In America will that outrage turn to civil unrest? Is the same going to happen in America that happened during the civil rights movement? The brutal murder of 14-year old Emmett Till in […]

Disaster. A disaster at sea was every sailor’s nightmare, but when the disaster happened to someone else and you have failed to give assistance, that would have repercussions. It was as plain as the red blush on the radio operator’s face, a disaster was unfolding before Captain Richard Blackmore’s eyes. “A message, you say. A […]