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Evil genius wants to take over the world. He uses hacking of the US presidential election to change the voting. US puppet owned by evil genius wins election and becomes US President. Evil genius destroys the western alliance and evil genius takes over the world.

I know, it sounds like a script from a James Bond movie… except, maybe it’s a real script, written by a real evil genius.

From the start, the United States of America’s new president, Donald J. Trump, said and did some odd things. But by far the strangest has been his attempted cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin, the Russian Federation’s president, leader of a country that has been the sworn enemy of America for decades. In the 500+ days of Trump’s presidency, that attempt at bringing about an agenda that suited Putin seems to have been at the forefront of Trump’s administration. But with notable and odd asides every now and then.

Take Syria and the first chemical attack by Assad on his own people during Trump’s presidency. Trump’s response was a few cruise missiles lobbed by the US at an airbase in Syria that had enough warning about the attack to have evacuated it twice. Damage done? Virtually zero and it was up and running again in days. These sort of events are like a slight detour on a map to an ultimate goal that Putin wants to achieve with Trump’s help. It’s almost like a script from a Bond movie, a script written by an evil genius and handed to his puppet in the west with instructions to follow the script to the letter. We are told it was the suffering of the children from that chemical attack that prompted Trump to act. But you only have to look at the US Government’s inhumane treatment of illegal immigrants with children to see Trump cares nothing for the suffering of little children, an ideal puppet for an evil genius to manipulate.

The latest addition to the script by the evil genius is a suggestion by Trump that Russia should be allowed entry to the G7 meeting in Quebec. This after Russia was kicked out of what was the G8 in 2014 for their military escapades. Not to mention Russia’s proven recent nerve agent attack this year in Salisbury, England. Why would Trump feel now is the time to bring Russia in from the cold when his G7 partners would almost certainly slap the idea down. Is the script writer just trying his luck? Is the script the writer adding too many sub-plots to make the script work?

And what would the ultimate goal be for this script? World domination by Russia or simply the lifting of sanctions against Russia? Maybe the original purpose of the Russia meddling in the 2016 US election was to get Trump installed as the new president and to get Trump to simply lift sanctions. The fact Russia’s meddling worked and Trump won took everyone by surprise, including the Russians and Trump and his gang. Maybe then it occurred to the script writer that they could not only get sanctions lifted, but maybe add a few new goals. Maybe, just maybe, the new ultimate goal is to make the US subservient to Russia.

A Russia controlling the US could perhaps cripple NATO. Perhaps the UK Brexit from the European Union was a test-run by the script writer and a precursor to destroying the Western alliance,  with Russia emerging in partnership with China to become the new global powerhouse that the west once was.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Where’s James Bond when you need him?

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