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A word can change a mind. A sentence can change a life. A book can change the world

Don’t worry, no animals or children were harmed in the writing of this blog, there’s not a squashed turtle in sight and I’m thankfully not going insane… yet! When I’m not writing I have my other hat on, that of a t-shirt designer. No, not designing the actual t-shirt, but taking other people’s designs and […]

Venezuela. A voyage form New York down the eastern coast of North America, through the Caribbean Sea and on past Central America to eventual dock at the northern part of South America was no mean feat in the days of sail, but the coming of steam power saw a surge in such voyages both for […]

I’m committed now, I’m going to bomb my concrete garden. Don’t worry (or maybe you’re clapping with delight?) I’m not using explosives. I’m going to bomb my garden with seeds, seedballs to be precise, from the lovely people at In case you’re not keeping up with these posts, I have a concrete garden in […]

Before anyone asks the obvious question, no I’m not talking about my bottom. I’m talking about my tomatoes. More to the point, why some of my tomatoes have black bottoms. It’s called blossom-end rot, presumably because it’s the blossom end of the tomato that’s rotting. It’s due to either a calcium deficiency or, as in […]

A Parting of the Ways. Richard Blackmore was once more subservient to Gordon Bellagon’s wishes. He was pacing on the dock at the foot of the Arabia’s gangway, impatiently waiting for his erstwhile engineer to allow him on-board. At Bellagon’s insistence, Blackmore was to apologise for his treatment of Bellagon’s nephew. It had been a […]

When you’re writing your latest novel you will at some point have to make changes to your plot. Even the simplest of stories is likely to need a necessary tweak here and there. But with a complex story-line, you can’t think of every scenario in advance that may pop into your head as you’re writing. […]

BEWARE: ADULT CONTENT The Two Minds of Maggie. It was late afternoon and while Blackmore was at Gordon Bellagon’s office, Maggie was in a local shop buying produce for the evening meal she was preparing. It was a chore she had come to enjoy, something she could do to repay the kindness of Blackmore. But […]

A couple of years ago I went through a phase of wanting to grow various salad plants. I’ve had some success with tomatoes in tubs, particularly the Roma variety. Lettuce has been sporadic and this year is a disaster mainly due to a ferocious heatwave in May. I also tried a few plants I could […]