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I’m pleased to say my wine making from my homegrown grapes is working well, so far. I’ve got a bad head cold and even I can smell the stuff! If you missed the start of this experiment you can read it here.

You have to keep the temperature as warm and constant as you can, so it’s an advantage living in Cyprus because in August when the grapes are harvested, it’s pretty hot.

This must is bubbling away in my office at home, so I need to clear out my garden shed next year to build something to do the same job outside, but in much larger quantities. And no, I’m not into bootlegging. This exercise is to fulfill an ambition I’ve had since I was a teenager and started work in a wine merchants. I have always had the hankering to grow my own fruit and especially grow grapes and then make my own wine from those grapes.

As far as ambition goes, I’m a simple man having achieved my main two aims of working for myself and having a book published. If the wine works I may also attempt creating my own sherry or even port next year, but I’ll draw the line at a still and making my own brandy!

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