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You would be forgiven to think that I’ve been in the sun too long as my last couple of posts were about making wine and this one is about fruit loaf. Granted, on the face of it, they are not exactly gardening subjects. But that’s where you’re wrong. The grapes I’m using in my wine making experiment were grown by me from seed and the fruit loaf is cooked by me… using grapes I have grown from seed. No, I didn’t put grapes in my fruit loaf, I put currants and raisins in my fruit loaf.

Making dried fruit like currants and raisins is easy enough. All you need is a supply of grapes, warm weather, a greenhouse and a tray, just be aware that seedless grapes are better because you don’t have to remove the seeds first. Cut your grapes from the vine when ready, cut apart the bunch of grapes into small clumps. Place on a tissue in a tray, though straw is preferable, and then place in your greenhouse. Over time the water in the grapes evaporates and you are left with a shriveled grape, which, depending on the grape variety used, is either a currant or a raisin.


Wash the dried fruit throughly and store in a container in a dry place until you are ready to make a fruit loaf. I’m making mine this week-end. It’s not something I enjoy eating but my wife likes my fruit loaf.

Currently (forgive the pun) I’m drying some seeds out ready to plant next year that, when fully grown, I can use the resulting fruit in my own cocktails. I’ll just leave you with that thought until this time next year when I can tell if the experiment worked. If it does, it’s Mary Pickfords all round

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