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image of Omodos village

About 42 kilometres north-west of Limassol, in one of the main wine-making regions of Cyprus, is the quaint little village of Omodos. The village is high up in the Troodos mountains at an altitude of about 810 metres.

Blessed with a natural beauty, the area is famous for its Agrotourism and its wines.

In the past there has been noted conflict in the area,

image of a plaque outside a monstary

as you can see from this plaque outside the Holy Cross Monastery.

Even in recent history, in the 1950s, there was a struggle in Cyprus for independence from British rule and EOKA fighters used the area extensively.

These days the area is more a tourist trap than a trap for unsuspecting combatants. Everywhere you look you will see gift shops, wine shops, restaurants and other trappings of the tourist industry that now dominates the region.

image of a winery shop

September 14th sees the village holding one of the biggest fairs on the island, a religious fair dedicated to the Holy Cross. This celebration will last for three days with traders gathering in the square in front of the monastery where they will sell their products.

There are many interesting places in the area to visit. The Timios Stavros Monastery is worth a visit.

image of a monastery

Then there’s the Caledonia & Millomeris Falls, the Kelefos Bridge, Mount Olympus, the Platres Chocolate Workshop, more wineries than you can shake a stick at and many more interesting places, too many to mention in one blog piece. So take a look at the 15 best places to visit in the area on Trip Advisor, there’s something for everyone.

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Living in Cyprus: 2015 here

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