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image aircraft over McKenzie beach

If you’re a plane spotter and like nothing better than topping your tan up on a sun-bed, then McKenzie Beach in Larnaca is the place for you. The aircraft come in pretty low over the sea and the runway apron is almost on the beach.

image McKenzie Beach Cyprus

The beach itself is long and flat which makes it ideal for sun-worshipers and those who like a more active experience playing bat and ball.

image beach beds McKenzie beach

The beach beds are separated out into sections and some are wi-fi enabled. All have a degree of service for drinks and some snacks.

image beach beds McKenzie beach

At the back of the beach you’ll find plenty of bars and eateries and beyond there is the road and parking area. Parking isn’t expensive and nor are the beach-beds.

image McKenzie beach, Larnaca

The beach is so close to the airport that if your flight was in the afternoon you could probably spend the morning on the beach and still catch your flight in plenty of time.

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