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image of a beach in Protaras, Cyprus

I’ve mentioned Kalamies Beach before, but never said much about the area because at first there only appears to be a beach here, but there are a few hidden gems. Kalamies is close to the town of Pernera which is part of greater Protaras. Some would argue the Pernera is separate from Protaras but I beg to differ. With all the new developments currently under construction it won’t be long before the two are joined at the hip.

As you can see in the top image, the beach has a lovely little church sat between the sea and the beach and it’s quite a sight when there’s a wedding on.

As you stand looking at the church, to the left is a little harbour.

image Boat in harbour

Here you can go on boat trips up and down the coast and even see into Northern Cyprus, at a distance. The Turkish area in the north are a little prickly about uninvited visitors.

Of course there are plenty of water sports to experience from paragliding to the ubiquitous banana-boat ride.

All along the beach at the back there are apartments and at the far end, near the harbour, is the Golden Coast Beach Hotel. We’ve stayed here twice and the accommodation, food, rooms and entertainment are top-notch.

Should you fancy a meal outside of the hotel then I can recommend very highly the Kalamies Beach Restaurant. This is the one restaurant in Cyprus we’ve frequented many times and each time the food and service has been consistently good. From Paphos in the West to Pernera in the East in the ten years we’ve lived in Cyprus we’ve been to many of the islands restaurants and eaten good food and bad. But the Kalamies Beach Restaurant has never disappointed once and is so consistently good it’s worth the hour long drive from home to enjoy a good meal. And of course the view is superb.

image Kalamies Beach Restaurant

And for the adventurous there are plenty of places in Pernera where you can book a Jeep Safari, go snorkeling or just sit back and have a cold drink & watch the world go by. And the world does go by because you will find this area a hot-spot for many from Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, China and Africa.

Kalamies is another little hidden gem in the lovely island of Cyprus.

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