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image of Protaras Golden Coast

Protaras Golden Coast

Okay, it’s actually cold and wet and damp here in Cyprus as I write this on the last day of November 2018. But it’s about this time of year many people, in Britain at least, look to booking their summer holidays.

According to official figures from the Cyprus government, the number of tourists arriving here in 2018 is up on last year. In Jan to Aug 2018 tourist arrivals amounted to 2,719,622.

Cyprus is one of the safest locations in the eastern Mediterranean, indeed in the world. There are coast to coast blue flag beaches and sunshine most of the year round.

We can always tell how well the island is doing by the number of ‘Z’ cars, that’s self-drive hire-cars with a Z in their registration plate, which is coloured black and a dark red colour. This year there have been hire-cars on the roads all year round. Even today, in the rain and with a storm brewing I’ve seen five hire-cars in the space of a few minutes.

So what is it that brings visitors to Cyprus?

  • It’s relatively safe
  • It’s not too expensive
  • Wall to wall sunshine
  • Great scenery
  • Blue flag beaches
  • Good hotels
  • Good food
  • Greek & English speaking

I’ve lived in Cyprus for ten years. I’ve seen the country go from a Communist government that brought the island to its knees and a banking crisis that almost killed off tourism, to a phoenix rising from the ashes to become a leading player in tourism around the Mediterranean. Cypriots are, in my experience, a resilient bunch who know their island needs a good tourist industry, which is essential to their future prosperity.

In ten years a lot of small, but significant changes, have been made to bring in the tourists. Like the ATMs you see almost everywhere now. Ten years ago there were only ATMs at banks, so getting money out was a bit of a problem for many tourists. Prices have been kept down and tourists are made very welcome by and large.

But the important thing is Cyprus has something for everyone, from a long and varied history, spectacular scenery and more than enough blue flag beaches and tourist hot-spots anyone could wish for.

image Kalamies Beach Restaurant

Kalamies Beach Restaurant

image Protaras Strip

Protaras Strip

image McKenzie beach, Larnaca

McKenzie beach, Larnaca

image Omodos village

Omodos village

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As a English expat author living in Cyprus, you may think my life revolves around cocktails by the pool. You would be wrong. In ten years on the island I’ve had my fair share of adventures and interesting experiences.

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