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Every once in a while, plans we make don’t quite come to fruition and our planned day goes out the window to be replaced from something more akin to the synopsis for a madcap movie. Saturday was one such day.

In December last year we moved home, from the place we rented from my step-daughter to the house next door. My step-daughter was changing jobs and needed to move back into her house. As luck would have it the property next door became available so we moved.

We have two dogs, Harvey & Holly, better known as the ‘H’ Team.

image of Holly and Harvey

My step daughter has four dogs, which came about more by circumstance than design, the dogs seemed to adopt them rather than the other way round. Our ‘H’ Team are crazy springers, but the new gang next door are exactly that, a gang, the Gang of Four. It’s not that they’re noisy or go round the neighborhood beating up other dogs, it’s just that they do everything together. Including escaping.

In similar fashion to the World War 2 Great Escape, these four have escaped on numerous occasions in their previous homes, despite lots of high fencing round the property. It’s been hard to determine exactly how they have managed to escape on some occasions.

Well, they have kept up the trend in their new home having escaped on Saturday, but this time in an obvious move. The back door had been left open in error and the Great Escapees went outside, saw their way to freedom was blocked by two side gates and simply battered one of the gates down. Once onto the front of the property they faced high wrought iron fencing and two sets of  wrought iron gates. It was at this point I, my wife and our grand-daughter came home from the shops. As I stopped the car I saw the biggest dog poke her head through their driveway gate… followed by another, then another and finally the last one shoved her head through. Then all four pushed and they were out and off down the street straight into the surrounding countryside.

What followed was a classic Benny Hill chase scene with my wife going to fetch our dog’s leads and myself and my grand-daughter chasing the dogs.

Two escapees I caught pretty quickly, my grand-daughter leading them back one at a time, until only two remained at large. One was a large dog of Cypriot hunting dog stock and the other was an indeterminate small dog with possible terrier in him. With no leads I had to hold their collars and walk with them, but making sure I didn’t throttle the smallest dog. So I doubled over and walked like a parody of Groucho Marx!

image Groucho Marx

Boy was it difficult, especially as I had to do this for a few hundred yards until my grand-daughter came back with the leads. Took me a good five minutes to straighten up again afterwards.

In hindsight it was all very funny… until Monday came around and the same thing happened. This time only one made it to freedom and she was caught in the fields easily. She had given up, lain down and had a nap!

She had managed to jump on the pool pump housing at the back of the property, and then jumped and scrambled over a fence that was a metre high. Then she was off and away. But the two smallest dogs had managed to get into the front garden, but with no obvious way of doing so.

With fencing now a record three metres high, the pool pump lid permanently up so that can’t be used as a stepping stone, and no evidence of tunneling, we’re just waiting for the next Great Escape bid to see how inventive these escape artists are.

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