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image of the Brittle Sea Book One cover

The Titanic disaster is the catalyst that sparks a bloody feud between two families in early 20th century America.
Captain Richard Blackmore, the master of The Lady Jane, rescues an unseen survivor of the Titanic disaster. The young woman, close to death, cannot remember who she is of why she came to be on the Titanic.
Meanwhile crooked businessman Matthew Ballantine III is shocked to find his bride to be was on the Titanic and is lost at sea.

The original draft version of The Brittle Sea is available to read free of charge on my blog, but the published version is quite different in many ways from the draft version. The draft version will be removed from my blog after publication of Book One.

The Brittle Sea is a family saga set in America at the beginning of the 20th century. It will be published in 3 novellas with book one soon to be published. The Brittle Sea covers a period from the Titanic disaster to the Great Depression.
The Brittle Sea will form the basis for two more novels in the full series. The next two will be The Brittle Land and this will be followed by The Brittle Sky.
The Brittle Land takes members of the two warring families on a journey to escape the Great Depression.
The Brittle Sky begins with the outbreak of World War II.

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