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Why a Serialisation?

I have been asked about my decision to publish The Brittle Sea in three parts, and what exactly a serialised novel is.

A serial novel is a work of fiction published as sequential installments. These can be published in weekly or monthly installments, or indeed at any interval the author desires, but weekly and monthly installments are the most usual.

The answer to why a serialisation is a hark back to the 1800s. Books were relatively expensive in Victorian and Edwardian times and the serialised novel was at its most popular. This type of publishing gave the author a wider audience because of the inexpensive cost to buying a newspaper. A complete book would be a revised version of the full serialisation and published as a complete novel.

What I want to be able to do is reach a wider audience, build up a sense of expectation and gauge how the novel is received by the public. Publishing a full novel takes time. Not only have I got to write the novel, I have to edit it, format it and market it, all on my lonesome. I have no backroom team of proof-readers, editors and cover designers, let alone a marketing team. So for me to plunge myself into a speculative full novel is quite an undertaking.

Serialised novels have generally been published in newspapers and magazines as well as other periodicals. In modern times I see no reason why a novel can’t be serialised on kindle, iBook and Kobo. Admittedly it’s not something one sees so much these days, but in the past some famous authors serialised their novels.

Charles Dickens published all of his novels in serial form first and is often credited as being the father of serialisation. It’s quite a surprise to many avid readers as to how many of their favourite novels started out as serialisations.

Alexander Dumas, H.G. Wells, Harriet Beacher Stowe, William Makepeace Thackery, Jules Verne, Leo Tolstoy, Robert Louis Stevenson, Thomas Hardy and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle all published novels in serial form before publishing the complete novel.

Make no mistake, I’m not sticking my name in there to make myself look anywhere near as good as the likes of James Joyce, but simply to show it’s been a time honoured way of publishing. It can also save the reader a lot of money. If you pay out £1.49 ($1.93 or €1.70) for Book One and hate it, you’ve then saved yourself some money because you won’t want to buy books 2 & 3 at that price or the full novel at £4.99, so I’m actually doing my readers a favour.

I have another two chapters to write before I publish Book One, so I’m looking at mid March to have it ready and on the shelves. Then it’s over to you, dear reader, to see how far The Brittle Sea goes.

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