Painting by numbers was a great way to learn about painting, so why not do gardening by numbers?

image of pansies

When I was a kid, Painting by Numbers was all the rage for a couple of years and although I was a bit messy, it did teach me the value of using numbers… if not how to paint. Numbers in my career as a computer programmer have obviously played an important role, but as an amateur gardener, numbers are once more proving useful. Keeping track of what’s planted where, for example.

Like my wife who enjoys knitting and buying lots of wool (enough to sink a battleship) I like buying seeds (enough to sink a canoe) and obviously planting them.

image of a daisy

The thrill of watching new life break through the surface and mature into a plant is pretty awesome. But until now, I’ve had a tendency to write on a stick what I’ve planted in a pot and shove that in the soil. Herein lies my problem. This year has been exceptionally wet and damp, so even with permanent markers the name on the wooden sticks I use has run. I’ve tried photocopying and laminating the seed packet but that too has run. So, the solution? A number on the side of the seed trays and all my tubs. Join this up with a database and my programming skills and voila, I have a pretty good cataloging system.

image of garlic

Only one slight problem, how do I mark out the same information onto a plant in a garden? Because I now have borders in this new property we’ve moved into, I have to find a method to ensure I know what it is I’ve planted. Wooden sticks in the ground are not an option, nor are laminated seed packets.

image of herbs
Coriander, Parsley and Oregano.

How to know what the name of each plant in the borders, that’s my WIP (Work In Progress) in my garden this year.

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