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Today is the 6th of March 2019. Today there are only 23 days before Britain leaves the EU. Today the British government is still trying to arrange a divorce agreement between Britain and the European Union that will suit both sides. Anyone experiencing a civil divorce between a married couple will realise divorces are more often messy than amicable. There is absolutely no doubt that many, if not most, people in Britain, find they are becoming more concerned, confused and worried as the Brexit clock ticks down to its inevitable conclusion.

Today we could be seeing the beginning of a bright new future for Britain, or we could be seeing a nightmare unfolding.

Take the motor car industry in the UK. British cars designed, built and sold by exclusively British companies have long since disappeared from British and the roads around the world. Even those iconic brands that remain, like Jaguar, Range Rover and Rolls-Royce are no longer British owned. The rot set in during the 1970s and British car manufacturing is now mainly of foreign owned brands.

But the UK car manufacturing industry picked itself up and gained a lot of investment from several major foreign car manufacturers, and new car making facilities were built in the UK a number of years ago. Among these were Toyota and Nissan. Since that time of unprecedented investment in the UK, investment has dropped like a stone. This was not helped by the 2016 referendum that decided Britain was to leave the EU.

Now take a look at these recent BBC headlines:-

Car investment slumps as uncertainty bites
Brexit worries ‘add to car insurance costs’
Toyota and BMW warn no-deal Brexit could hit UK investment
Car investment halves as industry hits ‘red alert’
Ford warns no-deal Brexit would be ‘catastrophic’
Nissan says new X-Trail will be made in Japan, not UK
Porsche warns UK customers of Brexit price rise

That last headline is telling, because what we are now seeing is not only low investment, we are seeing some manufacturers saying they may close their plants in the UK and build abroad, i.e., in the EU. That will mean UK car prices will rise. Car imports into the UK will mean inevitable price rises. And that will mean price rises are probably inevitable across the board on all aspects of British commerce. Some price rises may be justified and some may be unscrupulous businesses ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ to make a quick profit.

Whatever the outcome of the current ‘last minute’ UK/EU negotiations, one thing is certain and inevitable, prices will rise and the UK consumers will have to pay that price.

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