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Aristotle is said to have made this remark. “One swallow does not a summer make, nor one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.”

Being happy is relative to the individual, but I’ve seen two swallows today and the sun is currently shining, so I’m pretty happy that spring and summer are almost here.

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Having said that the dark clouds are rolling in again and it’s about to rain once more, and that’s in the space of typing one sentence! This has to be the wettest winter I have experienced in over ten years living in Cyprus. Now here’s a thought, would you be happy if your normal spring, summer, autumn and winter cycle didn’t happen this year? And how happy would you be if that normal cycle never happened again?

If my current experience of what’s happening in Cyprus, with longer and hotter summers and wetter winters is down to global warming then the only good thing is that wetter winters mean we may not experience another drought in Cyprus. But that can only mean some disastrous weather elsewhere in the world. One man’s good fortune is another man’s disaster.

With floods ever on the increase, and even Cyprus has had its fair share, the weather patterns are obviously shifting and we can no longer look forward to the sort of normal(ish) weather we used to experience. The frightening thing is, nobody actually knows what the world’s weather will be like in ten, twenty or fifty years time. The weather could become stable and not be too disrupted if we get a handle on global warming now and put a halt to it. But what happens if governments, like Trump’s America, ignore the obvious and carry on as normal? One thing is for certain, we are in for a roller-coaster ride of one weather related disaster after another at any time, anywhere, in the world.

Welcome to an uncertain future.

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As a English expat author living in Cyprus, you may think my life revolves around cocktails by the pool. You would be wrong. In ten years on the island I’ve had my fair share of adventures and interesting experiences.

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