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image of the Brittle Sea Book One cover

The Brittle Sea will be published in three parts, Book One, Two and Three and these will constitute the completion of The Brittle Sea. Once these three parts are published and if there is enough interest I will then publish The Brittle Land followed by the completion of the trilogy, The Brittle Air. The trilogy will take the storytelling from the sinking of the Titanic to the end of World War 2.

The Brittle Sea – Book One is currently standing at 90 pages in length fully completed and edited and should be around 140 pages on completion and publication. Books Two and Three will be of a similar length and the final and full version,The Brittle Sea Omnibus, will be close to 450 pages in length.

Proof reading commences soon, and that’s going to be nerve wracking as the initial proof reader is my wife – never one to shirk from calling me out on shoddy writing and simple mistakes.

After the proof reading is another edit and then a final proof read. I would prefer another proof reader other than my wife so will be looking around to see who out in the real world would like to fulfill this role. If you have experience or would like to offer your services let me know by using the Contact form and type Proof Reading into the subject line. I’m always grateful for any help offered and if accepted I can send a free copy of the finished book as a gift.

More information coming soon and more on the actual publication date as we get closer to that time.

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Living in Cyprus: 2018  is out now, packed full of photographs and over 230 pages in length. This book is three books in one with details of my recent trip to Australia and Italy’s Lake Como. This new release is three times bigger than any of the previous five volumes, 2013 to 2017 and at only £3.99 on Amazon Kindle is still a bargain price.

As a English expat author living in Cyprus, you may think my life revolves around cocktails by the pool. You would be wrong. In ten years on the island I’ve had my fair share of adventures and interesting experiences.

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Living in Cyprus: 2015 here

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