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I’ve never been a fan of margarine, either in cooking or on bread when making a sandwich. Something that’s been invented as an alternative to butter, that tastes nothing like butter, is a waste of time and space. Especially as I can make my own butter for less than the cost of buying butter.

I use a local dairy, here in Cyprus. Lanitis dairy products are good quality and good prices. The cost for a litre of full cream is about €3.35 and it’s what I usually buy for cream in my coffee. I’m not a tea person and don’t drink milk at all due to Lactose intolerance, so as cream is low in Lactose it’s ideal for coffee and now for full fledged butter production for home use.

Okay, so you can buy butter, British butter at that, from any Lidl supermarket for about €2.60 per block of 250gms and it’s either salted or unsalted. But with my new food mixer I can make my own butter for a Euro less than buying it. One litre of cream can make over 520gms of butter. This means 250gms of butter for €1.60 and you also get the added advantage of buttermilk as a by-product. Buttermilk is great for making soda bread, which tastes great with real butter and a cup of coffee. What’s not to like.

The other plus here is that with my herb garden I can now make herb flavoured butter, like garlic butter,  parsley garlic butter or sage butter. With my lime tree I can now also make lime & coriander butter. The sky is the limit.

You might think making your own butter is a waste of time and messy. Well, it can be messy if you don’t have a splash guard on your food mixer. As for time, well it takes about 30 minutes. All you have to do is pour a litre of cream into the mixer’s bowl. Fit the correct paddle. Make sure the splash guard is secure and switch the machine on. It’s about as simple as that. Make sure the machines going fast enough, there are more than enough videos on YouTube for this, and there you have it – done.

I’m making plain & cheese scones with my buttermilk leftovers later today. A nice cup of creamy coffee with a scone with homemade butter and raspberry jam. Now that’s what I call a job well done.

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