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Month: April 2019

It’s a Cyprus Dog’s Life: Adenocarcinoma

We have the results of an fna aspiration and essentially Harvey has a malignant tumour. There are three options and none of them are good and the survival rate is also not good

The Brittle Sea – Publishing Information #5

Branches scraped against a window pane and suddenly she realised she didn’t know where she was. The last thing she remembered was a ship, the cold, the ice, the brittle sea. Then the thought slipped away into the darkest recesses of her mind, to sit there, elusive, waiting to tantalise her waking moments with unknown and unremembered images and thoughts.

Aliens Destroy Space Crop

These lettuce seeds were the first salads grown and eaten in space, on the ISS, the International Space Station.

Aircraft Safety v Airline Profits

Despite the claims that air travel is the safest form of transport, why have so many aircraft crashed? Well it’s obviously down to a number of reasons but is there one overriding reason? Is there evidence of aircraft manufacturers cutting costs by cutting corners.

The Treasonists: #1 The Whisky Rebellion

In the fledgling United States of America trouble was brewing when a new tax was introduced. Two simple men from poor backgrounds were set to become the first men accused of treason in this new democracy.  

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