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With Book One almost finished, I’ve had to start Book Two in order to know how to end Book One. I know, sounds a bit mad but trust me… I hope I know what I’m doing. Here’s a first draft taster of how Book Two starts:-

The Brittle Sea – Book Two

One: Darkness

She woke with a start and gulped for air. She lay on her back, her mind a blank. Tears welled in her eyes as she opened them to an ebony darkness. Panic plucked at her heart and suddenly attacked her mind. Her hands gripped convulsively, coarse wood scratched her fingers. She had no thoughts, only raw fear.

Branches scraped against a window pane and suddenly she realised she didn’t know where she was. The last thing she remembered was a ship, the cold, the ice, the brittle sea. Then the thought slipped away into the darkest recesses of her mind, to sit there, elusive, waiting to tantalise her waking moments with unknown and unremembered images and thoughts.

She lay on a rough pallet in an empty room. Was she home, was this her home? Where is home? Was this her mother’s… Mother! She knew the word and remembered a face and then this fleeting and tantalising memory withdrew, fleeing quickly back into the darkness. Pain and misery engulfed her, she feared she was alone, abandoned by… by who? Somebody she knew? Questions were all she had and not knowing who she was or where she was made her scream out loud, the sound echoing in her mind and in the room. She moved her legs and realised she was shackled at her ankles, unable to free herself from the pallet. Was she a prisoner, is this a jail?

She woke with another start and felt nothing but exhaustion. She must have fallen asleep while she vainly pulled her shackled ankles back and forth in a weak attempt to free herself. She gave up and realised it was still dark. There was no sense of time, she had no sense of time, didn’t even know what time of day it was let alone what the actual day was. She tried to raise her weak body up on one elbow but fell back as pain shot through her body. It was then she remembered being pregnant and her hands shot down to feel her stomach.

‘My baby!’ she cried weakly. Her baby was gone, she knew it was gone, just as she knew she had been pregnant. But that was all that reality would allow her to know, that she had been pregnant… but was pregnant no more. “Richard,” she said with a sob and then wondered who Richard was. All was confusion, images, faces suddenly appeared and then disappeared and then her mind was a blank.

Her long hair was slicked with sweat. She pulled the curtain of wet hair from her face. A scraping sound made her eyes dart toward the window. Tree branches thrashed against the dark window pane. Then a small shaft of light entered the room as a creaking door opened, a tiny crack of flickering lamplight. The opening grew bigger and then the light was stifled by a small figure. Someone stood… in a doorway!

“Good,” an old woman’s voice said, “you are awake.”

“Da,” she said weakly and then the light was gone as a creaking door was shut and at the same time her mind closed and she fell back into a delirium.

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