It's been a traumatic six months when Harvey's Ataxia was first diagnosed. Now it seems that is solved and we have another, more life-threatening crisis on our hands.

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Poor old Harvey has certainly been through the wars and now his latest problem has become something huge.

As mentioned previously, read here, Harvey has a problem in his nose and is sneezing a lot. The vet has taken a biopsy and put Harvey on steroids. This last week he’s taken a turn for the worse and seemed to be in a lot of discomfort and a little pain. So we popped into the vets to see about pain-killers and were told the biopsy hadn’t come back yet, it was sent to Greece because there’s nowhere on the island to do biopsies. However, the vet’s own investigation makes him think the tumour is a malignant cancer.

It’s uncertain how far this has spread in his nose. It could be a small tumour or it could be all the way along the nasal passage and inoperable. There is little point in a CT or MRI scan at this point as we all will be revealed if the vet operates and opens up the top of the nose. If he operates and the tumour is removable then all well and good. If not, then we lose Harvey on the operating table as his life is now getting more miserable on a daily basis.

We have a simple choice, but a hard choice. Operate or not? If yes, are we prepared for losing Harvey.

It’s been a traumatic six months when Harvey’s Ataxia was first diagnosed. Now it seems that is solved and we have another, more life-threatening crisis on our hands.

Harvey’s steroids have been increased and he now has a lot of snuffling and dribbling going on. It’s a bit like living with Darth Vader’s dog. But he is full of life during the day and can still manage a little run around the garden. It’s evening-time when he suffers the most. The evenings have always been his prima-donna time, with his constant throwing himself around the sofa and making strange little whining noises. Eventually he would sleep, but not before letting us know he was around. Now he’s restless and breathing is noisy with a constant dribbling nose. However, as I’ve already said, he has a real zest for life. It’s five in the morning and dark and cold, here in Cyprus. But Harvey’s been out twice, done his business and had a little run around. Yes he’s snuffling, almost as though he has a cold, yet he carries on with living his life with great gusto.

This week is going to be make or break as we have decided to see what the increased steroids do for him and make a decision on going ahead with an operation. What we don’t want is for him to suffer, but we do want him to have a chance at a good life. And as the vet said, if the operation is a success, he could have another year or more of good quality life.

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