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Figuratively speaking Jude Brubaker sat on her favourite sofa, except her whole body was stiff and though seated her legs and arms were sticking out in front of her body at odd angles, making her look like a child’s tossed aside puppet. The evil that had penetrated her home defences had spent hours assimilating itself to its new surroundings, while Jude was forced to sit and watch. To watch an evil presence, go from a dark shifting mass to an obviously human form was deeply unsettling in itself, but when the transformation had almost completed, Jude was then subjected to a malevolent tirade until the being had finally and literally spirited itself away, leaving Jude in this state of a living rigor-mortis.

Jude had tried with every fibre of her body to move, but the spell was such that even she was overwhelmed and she then knew the malevolence was one of the Furies, those ancient so-called goddesses of vengeance, born of vengeful malevolence in the underworld to wreak havoc on humanity, simply because humanity existed.

“You exist, therefore… I hate you.” The voice was back and a dark foreboding overcame Jude. The voice was just behind her and whispering in her right ear. Jude shuddered involuntarily. Don’t show her your fear.

“You would do well to listen to yourself, human. But of course, you aren’t, are you? Human I mean.”

Jude said nothing, not wanting to give the Demon-Witch any advantage in the impending battle that would soon unfold.

“I spoke to your daughter.”

If Jude’s body could have stiffened any further it would have. “Leave her out of this. This is between me and you, bitch!”

Footsteps behind and then to her right alerted Jude to the movement of the Fury. Finally, Jude saw what it was she was up against. Short blond hair, highlighted in pink, wearing ripped jeans and a cut-off denim jacket, mostly open at the front showing her cleavage. The toned and tanned body made her look like a rich kid beach babe, but the dark stare in her eyes soon cleared up that little illusion.

“Like the look, sorceress? I always love what human females can do to their men, especially in this modern era. Of course, I’m partial to women as well,” she said, removing her denim jacket. She looked at Jude’s sticking out legs. “Looks uncomfortable,” she said, then snapped a finger and Jude’s legs dropped to a more normal position.

Jude sighed with relief and then looked up at the Fury. “Leave my child out of this.”

“No, I will not. I want some fun while I’m here. We live in a perpetual drab-grey existence on the other side, so when in Rome, I’ll take my fun where and when I can get it.” The Fury smiled. “It won’t take me long to wrest control of the power from her,” the fury moved forward and sat on Jude’s lap, legs apart, and leaning forward licked Jude’s left ear.

Jude squirmed, tried to resist, but was helpless.

“I need what your brat has and I will use whatever is at hand to wrest that power from her.”

Jude, powerless to move, felt the heat rising in her pelvis and realised the Fury was exerting her sexual power. Whatever it was the Fury was after she was willing to use the renowned sexual attraction they exerted to bend Jude to her will.

“Not just this earthly, human, sexual quality, but also fear and pain to get what I was sent here for.”

Jude almost gasped, realising this malevolence was under orders from…

“Never you mind who sent me,” she said, standing and removing her torn jeans to reveal the tiniest white panties Jude had ever seen. The panties barely concealed the mass of blonde pubic hair. “You like what you see, don’t you?” The Fury’s silky voice was having a somnolent effect on Jude. The creature slid two fingers down into her panties and began rubbing her clitoris, a dark stain from her juices quickly forming to soak the panties.

Jude was beginning to succumb, she knew, a dark moan forming deep inside. She desperately wanted this, wanted her own tongue where the creature’s fingers were now furiously rubbing to make herself come.



May trotted up the stairs. It was her way, she told herself, of keeping fit. By the time she had reached the top level of the house she was puffing slightly and small beads of sweat were forming on her brow. Suddenly, she stumbled forward and landed heavily on the carpeted top step. Cursing she pulled herself up and felt a hot surge of lust wash over her. May shook her head and the feeling passed. Confused and a little unfocused, May opened her study door and walked in. As she looked at the opposite wall her confusion turned to black thunder. In huge white letters on a bare red-brick wall May saw words daubed across the wall.


May! Help me! She’s going to destroy the world


Dan, at his location in the den, heard May scream in what appeared to be rage.

“Jimmy! JIMMY!”

Dan could hear May screaming Jimmy’s name as her footsteps pounded down the stairs.


May burst into the room and Dan looked shocked at the rage on her face.

“He’s gone too far this time, too far! It’s his way of getting his own back, all because I ruined his new shirt!”

May yanked her cell off the counter and speed dialled Jimmy’s number. She tapped her foot furiously as she waited for Jimmy to answer.

May took a deep breath and forced herself to be calm. In a voice that was sweetness and light she said into the cell, “Jimmy. Doing anything nice tonight? No? Good, because I have a job for you. Get over here as soon as you can and I’ll go through what I want doing.”

May slapped the cell shut and banged it onto the counter.

“He’ll be a few minutes,” May said to Dan. “I’m going to start cooking. Help yourself to a beer. I’m going to have a large glass of Zinfandel. Wait here, please. I’ll explain when Jimmy gets here.”

Dan watched as May walked out of the room, her body language telling him to do as he was told.

Dan sat and listened to May clattering about the kitchen.


May had virtually destroyed several heads of Broccoli with her large cutting knife, chopped carrots so badly they almost looked like a pile of orange mush and had generally caused havoc in the kitchen when the front door bell rang.

May stabbed the small knife she was holding into the wooden chopping board and walked out of the kitchen

Dan popped his head out of the den as May walked past towards the door.

Pulling the door open, May smiled her friendliest smile.

“Jimmy, how nice of you to come over at such short notice,” May said, taking Jimmy by his left arm and pulled him toward the stairs.

“I need to show you something upstairs. Your handiwork from earlier on isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

Dan followed at a discreet distance, a look of concern on his face. Jimmy looked back at Dan, his face reflecting Dan’s. Both men were silent, knowing full well that this was not the time to say anything. May was on a mission.

May stopped outside the door to her study. She turned to Jimmy and flicked a look at Dan standing just behind Jimmy that told him to say nothing.

“Remember, Jimmy, I said paint it plain white with a few deep red highlights?”

Jimmy nodded.

“What we have here is not what I wanted. I wanted highlights, Jimmy, highlights. Know what that word means, Jimmy? Highlights in deep red, not this shit,” May said as she swung the door open and pushed Jimmy inside.

Jimmy took a few faltering steps and walked into the room.

Dan looked at May and she looked back, nodding her head for him to go into the room after Jimmy.

May stood outside and waited.

“Hey, I like what you’ve done with this room, Jimmy.” Dan’s voice echoed from the empty room.

“Thanks.” Jimmy’s puzzled voice came echoing from the room.

May scowled and shouted, “You like it?” May entered the room, stopping dead in the doorway.

The two men turned to look at May, who stood in the doorway, a look of consternation on her face. “What the fuck?”

Jimmy looked at Dan and Dan returned the puzzled stare.

“Yeah, I think it looks great, not just nice, it’s fabulous in fact.”

Jimmy smiled his thanks at Dan

“But this is not what was here earlier,” May said, entering the room fully.

May walked around the door and did a complete three-sixty sweep of the room.

“What was here earlier?” Jimmy asked. “It’s exactly as I left it. Not quite as dry as I expected it to be, but still the same. What did you expect, May?”

May, her mouth wide open, strode around the room, eyes wide and shocked.

“May?” Jimmy said, a little bit of concern in his voice.

“Help me! She’s going to destroy the world.”

Dan and Jimmy looked at May.

“What?” Dan asked.

“Help me! She’s going to destroy the world,” May said again. “That’s what was written on the wall in big white letters. The wall was bare, bare red brick.”

The two men looked on helplessly as May continued to walk around the room, shaking her head. She stopped at the offending wall and pointed to it. In a shaky voice May said, “Right here. That’s what was written in big letters, right here.” She stabbed at the wall to make her point, wiping at the white emulsion now sticking to the end of her finger.

“Can’t see how that’s possible,” Dan said.

Jimmy nodded in agreement. “It’s just as I left it. Is this a joke you two are pulling?”

“NO!” May screamed. “I am not going mad. That’s what was written on this fucking wall.” May was furiously stabbing a finger at the offending wall and was equally furious that the two men doubted her word. So much so her body was quivering. “This wall here,” she stabbed at it again, to emphasise her point. “In white fucking paint,” she screamed.

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