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I can understand why buying property is stressful. Add into that mix Harvey’s illness and sad death and, well, I could go on bemoaning the harshness of life but, I’m not. Life is way too short to spend time moaning about its inequalities. Life is what it is, so get on with it and enjoy it as much as you can.

So, here’s the good news, the contracts to the Cyprus apartment have now been signed and all we have to do is wait for the legal stuff to go through, taxes to be paid, bankers draft for final payment and voila! J’ai les clés et c’est la fête – I have the keys and it’s party time. What could go wrong? Plenty, but we will ignore that for now, remember, life is too short.

I have a website almost completed, which you can see here. And though the law on tourist rental is changing, there seems to be a period of three years where you can get your act together and be tourism compliant, so that’s pretty cool. But then comes the hard part, the marketing.

Software integration between sites like TripAdvisor and AirBnB is easy enough. Arranging cleaning after visits will not be too hard and there are maintenance companies specialising in all many of services.

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If you want to experience Cyprus life then check out our holiday apartment in Kouklia, just outside of Paphos.

image Kouklia Coastal Retreat apartment

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Living in Cyprus can be an interesting and sometimes frustrating experience for an English expat. I’ve been here 11 years, but the first few years were anything but normal. Read all about my introduction to living in Cyprus.