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image of a bee

Fruit is something we mostly take for granted, be it an apple a day or the grapes of wrath, we tend to eat fruit (or not) and not think too much about it. But with the world’s bee population being decimated on a vast scale, your daily intake of fruit may become a weekly thing, or even monthly, maybe even a once in a while treat. Think I’m being alarmist? Even in my small patch of ground in Cyprus I’m finding dead or dying bees on a regular basis. A United Nations press release in May 2019 stated that more than three quarters of the leading types of global food crops rely to some extent on bees and other pollinators.

image of American Blueberries

American Blueberries

I grow a lot of fruit for a small garden. Oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, grapes, blueberries, tomatoes and even melons.

image of Melon - Rugoso di Cosenza Giatto

Melon – Rugoso di Cosenza Giatto

Whatever it is I decide to grow, even though they are grown in tubs, seems to do well. I’m always amazed when I sow new seeds and something grows. Not least of which was my amazement at the melons I have growing.

So I pay particular attention to nature and try to invite as many insects into my garden as possible with the right types of flowers and environment. Because one day I may sow some seeds and nothing will grow. If that day ever comes, god help humanity because without pollination, people will starve.

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