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Sunset and the old castle Paphos

Yesterday my wife and I took a stroll round Paphos harbour with it’s fine selection of dining areas, potential boat trips, some expensive boats and the old castle that was playing host to the Ninth Paphos Beer Festival. The area was packed, mostly with people wanting to taste beers from around the world.

My wife and I sat with our dog, Holly, and watched the revellers and waited for something a little more interesting to happen. The sunset.

On a good clear evening the sunsets in Paphos can be spectacular with glorious bold colours. It’s been a few years since I had seen such a beautiful sunset, we don’t tend to get them where I live in Larnaca. But Paphos has beautiful sunsets in spades.

It’s a fifteen minute drive from our Kouklia Coastal Retreat to Paphos and well worth the journey. Apart from the sunsets there’s so much to do and see such as the Zoo, Waterpark, Tomb of the Kings, Jeep Safari, Boat Trips, Deep Sea Fisihing, Walking, Cycling and a lot more besides.

As I sit writing up the events of the night before there’s a bit of a sea mist just clearing up, a dove is announcing his presence to the world and the sun is creeping slowly back up into the sky after it’s superb departing show from last night. It’s another day in Paradise.

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When I moved from England to Cyprus 11 years ago, I was set for a lazy time in the sun. To relax and chill for the rest of my life… it took 30 minutes for the airport to lose my two dogs. It took me hours to find them and at the same time cost a small fortune and a ton of paperwork into the late night to get my dogs out of doggie jail. “Welcome to Cyprus, please ensure your wallet and passport are open.”

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