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image of Petra in Jordan

In a short while I’m off to Jordan, using Ryanair’s regular flights between Paphos and Amman. It’s only for a short break but it will give me the chance to experience a new culture. Jordan has some stunning ancient buildings, like Petra above, but most people seem attracted by the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea isn’t actually a sea, it’s a lake. I suppose some bright and enterprising travel agent in the 1800s decided Dead Lake didn’t quite have the ring of Dead Sea, and so a tourist hot-spot was born.

image Dead Sea Hilton
Dead Sea Hilton

I’m not going to pre-judge, but I am told that the Dead Sea is also quite muddy, so I may be spending more time in the hotel pool. The problem with the Dead Sea is that not only can you not dive down into the sea, because it’s so salty, it’s actually classed as a hypersaline lake and as such all you can do is float, swimming and diving is out of the question. So it’s going to be a bit weird going from the beaches and sea of Cyprus where most of the year round the seas are blue and inviting, to a sea that simply doesn’t want you in it splashing about.

There will sadly be no time to visit Petra which I’m told is magnificent, but that should really be visited when it’s not so hot as there’s a lot of walking involved.

One interesting little snippet is that the language is Arabic but with English, French and Turkish influences in the vocabulary. But I guess there’s also more than a smattering of Greek because Petra, meaning stone, is also used here in Cyprus where the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of love, is Petra tou Romiou.

Human beings the world over are a lot closer to each other than most realise.

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image Kouklia Coastal Retreat

image Kouklia Coastal Retreat apartment

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When I moved from England to Cyprus 11 years ago, I was set for a lazy time in the sun. To relax and chill for the rest of my life… it took 30 minutes for the airport to lose my two dogs. It took me hours to find them and at the same time cost a small fortune and a ton of paperwork into the late night to get my dogs out of doggie jail. “Welcome to Cyprus, please ensure your wallet and passport are open.”