image proofing
image proofing
Image by Lorenzo Cafaro from Pixabay

Good job I’m not suspicious, because it’s day 13 (of 55 days) in my writing marathon and I’m almost up to 10k words. I actually managed 1300 words in one hour today. But, it’s not so much the quantity of words that matter, but the content. How good are those words?

That’s not a question you can really answer with a first draft, because many of your words will have problems like spelling, grammar, wrong words, really bad sentences and completely going in the wrong direction. I’ve lost track of the thousands of words I’ve ditched over the years.

So, here I sit with a work in progress that is in excess of 62k words. I’m still aiming for 100k, but the day job takes precedence and I’m in the middle of cutting and pressing vinyl for 300+ t-shirts ready for the start of October.

image vinyl print t-shirt
Vinyl Cut & Pressed T-shirt

I don’t know about a 5am start, I may not be going to bed for the next few weeks.

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