Almost 14k words written and my novel, The Brittle Sea, is coming along nicely. It stands at 66k+ words and is around 190 (paperback sized) pages long. I want it up to at least 300 pages.

I’m not finding any of it hard to write but I am discovering a lot of information I didn’t know about, especially Sing Sing prison. Life is sometimes stranger than fiction and there is a situation that occurred in 1914 that is rather bizarre involving the prison warder. I’m not going to give it away, you will have to read the book, but it only goes to show that research is an essential part of any book that mirrors real life.

Having been to prison in Freemantle, Australia (on an historical visit, I hasten to add) I know what it was like standing in a cell that you would be hard pressed to swing a mouse around, let alone a cat. To imagine hearing that cell door close and realise that tiny room was going to be my home for years to come was something I would not want in real life. I hope I’ve imparted something of the reality of prison life in my story, only you will be able to judge that, dear reader.

You can read up to 25 chapters of The Brittle Sea starting here – but these chapters are the first draft and have changed a little. Also, I’ll be taking those down at around the end of the year because my aim is to publish around Christmas time. Fingers crossed.

Now, back to prison.

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