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If you’ve got a blog and have never heard of content marketing, then you are probably scratching your head wondering why very few people visit your website.
Writing content on a blog attached to your website will rank higher on Google. The more you write the more pages get indexed and eventually more traffic will flow to your website. However, even if you write around 10 posts per month, you need to up your output because many industry leaders are writing over 20 posts a month.

For those who consider themselves a writer, a blog is the perfect place to showcase your writing. It can also act as an advert for your books or articles. Marketed correctly on your blog can see your book sales boosted considerably. Bear in mind though, that simply writing and posting to your blog isn’t enough. Perversely, you need to market your blog in order to market your book. The best place to promote your blog or book is on social media. In my experience Twitter beats Facebook hands down when it comes to book promotion, having said that it really is down to the individual and how much time you take in promoting your blog on various platforms.

If you have no idea how to start your own blog, don’t worry, I was in exactly the same place a few years ago. So, why not download my free book, which will help get you started.

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