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It’s been nearly four months since we lost Harvey to cancer. And now we have another problem with cancer, this time in Holly.

We recently had a lump removed from her right rear leg which the vet didn’t think was cancerous. But after tests on the lump at a lab in the UK, it turns out it is indeed cancer, MCT in fact, Mast Cell Tumour.

Mast cells, which are normal cells, are found in most organs and tissues. These cells are present in highest numbers in locations such as the skin, the lungs, stomach and bowels. They contain histamine which is important in the normal response of inflammation, when mast cells go rogue and become cancerous, mast cell tumours are formed. These tumours range from being benign and readily cured by surgery or at the other send of the scale can be aggressive, more serious and can spread through the body.

Further tests are being carried out to see if it may re-occur, but and ultrasound test has shown no problems.

Fingers crossed once more.

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