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The best advice published authors can give is usually to write about what you know.

My first draft for ‘The Brittle Sea’ was completed over a week ago and I was looking forward to a few days off before starting to expand and fill in areas of the story. One of the stumbling blocks for any writer is where you need to describe an event or action but have no direct knowledge of said event or action.

So, on my three day break¬† in Protaras I was going to look up any information I could on a particular action from the book, where a character breaks a rib being flung against ship railings by a wave. I’ve never broken any bone in my life, so I would need to do a bit of research on that to make that a subsequent scenes more realistic.

My research began that morning while on a walk and navigating a slight path downwards with lots of rocks. I lost my footing, tripped and the end result was 7 broken ribs and a week in hospital.

How’s that for research?

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