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Most of us take sitting down for granted. Sitting down is a fundamental human trait. We expect to be comfortable, so we find a good place to sit and we’re set for work, a meal, a chat, a cup of tea or something else that we simply prefer doing while seated. Others have no choice and are either bedridden or are wheelchair bound. Some of us though, mainly through a mishap or injury, find ourselves unable to sit for long periods of time. I suddenly found myself in such a position after my fall three weeks ago resulted in broken ribs.

At first I couldn’t sit, anywhere, except propped up in a hospital bed. That was about a week of my writing life I missed out on which annoyed the hell out of me. But since I’ve been home for a week now, I’ve managed more and more to sit and write, but only for a few minutes at a time at first.

Now I can sit in one chair in my lounge with my laptop on my lap for an hour or so and last night I managed an hour at my desk, but only surfing the net, not writing. For some reason, currently, I can write with a laptop perched precariously on my knees but not sat at my desk in a pretty good swivel chair. But I know this situation is transitory, it will not last and I will soon be back to normal. It’s been frustrating not being able to work on my 1st draft that I completed a few days before my accident, but, it has allowed me an insight, albeit a tiny one, into the world of those writers who are permanently in a wheelchair, or bedridden and don’t have a choice where they sit and write.

I’ve found it frustrating, annoying and just plain hard over the last three weeks but know it will get better for me. Some fellow writers have no choice where or how they sit, but despite this they still manage to write. You have my deepest respect.

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