Personally I don't believe anyone can see into the future, but...

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If I look into my Crystal Ball, take a peek at my tea leaves or even throw a few bones onto the ground and define the patterns therein maybe I could see into the future and predict what’s going to happen in 2020. Most likely all I’ll get is a headache from peering too intently into my tea cup. Personally I don’t believe anyone can see into the future. But in the spirit of the New Year and just for a laugh, here’s what I read on one website that was purporting to quote the famous Nostradamus. Make of it what you will, but you never know. What’s in your tea leaves?

Big War in the Middle East

War in the Middle-East is always a potential. Nothing particularly new or startling with this prediction.

Economic crisis in 2020

That isn’t going to come as a shock to most, it’s been on the cards ever since President Trump came to power. Putting your economic faith in an idiot who bankrupted himself half a dozen times isn’t a prediction, it’s a foregone conclusion.

2020 Presidential Election: Trump will win again

I predict there will be an out and out revolution in America if Trump wins in 2020.

Wildfires on a staggering scale

Climate change has already predicted this so again, nothing new there.

Brexit in 2020 – A Great Empire Will Fall

Well, the British Empire became the Commonwealth of Nations, so I don’t see what empire we are talking about here.

England will have a new king

I’m 65 years old in January 2020 and Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne all my lifetime. She’s in her nineties now, but I bet she’s still Queen when she gets to 100 and receives the customary telegram… from the Queen.

Record Number of Storms

Again, climate change predicts more and more disruptive weather so nothing new here.

Sea level rise

As above.

Destructive Earthquakes

There are always earthquakes, and invariably they are usually pretty destructive.

Implanted chips

There’s a famous British saying to do with food – “Chips with everything.”

Humans will live on the Moon

Not in my lifetime they won’t.

Kim Jong-Un will be dethroned

This is perhaps the most unpredictable of all these predictions, so if it comes to pass I will be most impressed.


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