Having a virus is bad enough, but being off my food is a cruel twist
image of man in suit pointing a banana like a gun
Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Though the term Wake Up and Smell the Coffee is a euphemism for realising there is something unpleasant going on, in my current situation it’s the actual coffee that’s the problem, as well as bread, butter and a few other foodstuffs.

The current virus that’s laid me low has caused both my sense of taste and smell to suffer badly. I can’t stand the smell of toast with butter, bread with butter or Colombian coffee… and I love my coffee.

I hate the idea of eating eggs in any way shape or form and after three weeks of this, can only now contemplate eating anything other than fruit. And don’t even mention wine. I used to love a good dry crisp white wine or fruity red… but that’s all changed and I can only just tolerate water.

I think I may spend the rest of my life drinking water and eating fruit and nuts. Oh world you can be so cruel to a food and drink fan.

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