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It was a day late in arriving and being installed, but last Friday we finally started on our green journey and had the solar panels and water tank installed at our holiday rental apartment in Kouklia, Cyprus. By the time the technicians finished it was dusk, so no hot water that day. There was work to do on the system which meant it was not working until Saturday afternoon, by which time we were back home at the other end of the island.

The last few days were frustrating because we could not test the system fully. Today was test day, almost a week after we had the panels installed. I’m glad to say they are working very well because there be very hot water in them taps, hottest I’ve ever experienced in Cyprus, and the last few days were grey and overcast with little or no sun.

I was impressed with the tech guys ‘can do’ attitude, because after installing the panels it was a bit obvious to me it was in the wrong place. We asked them to move the panels, and he did so without making a fuss. I know, I expect miracles and I’m a hard taskmaster. But Green Day in Paphos have done an excellent job and our handy-man Frans says he is impressed with their workmanship.

Now our green journey has started and we’re up and running and waiting for our first guest to arrive in April… but we may just sneak down to the apartment¬† ourselves over the next few weeks for a few hot baths. Our home only has a shower with poor hot water, so it will be nice to have a soak in the bath.

Aren’t solar panels great?

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