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Image by Emslichter from Pixabay

It’s 1973 and I’m 18 years old. Long hair, hippy lifestyle, flares, brown and yellow platform boots and a desire to stay at home and read!


Yep, I never had the desire or need to go out partying, down the disco or the pub. I was working and working hard. I was a relief manager for a national chain of shops, at 18 years old. I was on the way up the work ladder and all I wanted in life was a Triumph TR6 and to be able to write a novel. I owned a Typewriter, my car was a Triumph Herald, closest I could get to a TR6 at the time, and I was happy. Then I heard this:

Things at that point changed in ohh so subtle ways. My core needs were still there, the car, the job and wanting to write. But, there were now other forces at play and life would slowly begin to change for me. There was a desire to get more out of life. It was my first sea-change.

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