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Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay

I have a confused area in my brain that is called the 1970s. It wasn’t so much sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll that had me reeling, it’s simply my brain seems to have attributed certain sounds with certain places. Take for example John Kongos and ‘He’s Gonna Step on You Again’

I am certain that this single came out at a time I used to frequent a disco on its rock music night. The Adam & Eve played some fantastic rock music to a disco audience that seemed to like it. I got to know the DJ quite well and he even let me sit-in for him when he took a break, which introduced me to the concept of the mobile disco. Which I proceeded to set-up and in the end I did quite well as a DJ for my on mobile disco that specialised in rock music.

But though John Kongos fits nicely in that time frame in my head, around 1977, this single actually was released in 1971 at a time I was only 16 and still at school.

As I’ve said before, the 1970s were and are something of a blur to me… and yes, probably, sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll are partly to blame for the mush in my head that is the 1970s.

Peace Man.

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