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1976 and I’m 21 years old. My job is pretty cool. I was classed as a special executive. Sounds grand but equated to a general dogsbody, but it was a good job and well paid. But that didn’t last long as the socialist government of British Prime Minister James Callaghan’s had to borrow $3.9 billion ($17.5 billion in 2019) from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and it was, at the time, the largest loan ever to have been requested from the IMF.

Things got bad to worse. A blisteringly hot summer saw an extraordinary number of fires breaking out all over Britain and there were strikes. The Grunwick Strike of 1976-1978 was a significant strike that involved thousands of trade unionists and police in clashes outside a film processing factory in North London. Eventually Britain would experience the Winter of Discontent by 1978 that would see rubbish left in the street and bodies unburied in graves.

But for all that, it was a time of great music and one of my favourite bands released The Boys are Back in Town.

A significant song for me as it became my favourite type of rock music after Queen. Fast paced and loud.

Thin Lizzy, a band that didn’t fulfill it’s full potential but one that made a significant impact on rock music

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The Brittle Sea (The Brittle Saga Trilogy Book 1)

The Titanic disaster sparks a bloody feud between families in early 20th century America.
Drama  –  Family Saga  –  Historical Fiction  –  Historical Romance

‘The ship shuddered once more and then lurched with shocking violence. Ice came crashing down onto the deck at the prow of the ship.’

‘The cold was beginning to bite into her. Fingers and toes were burning, becoming numb, despite the thick ship’s blankets she was wrapped in.’

‘Rostron knew those who didn’t make it into a lifeboat and jumped into the sea, even wearing lifejackets, were most likely dead due to the extreme cold.’

‘It was a scene from an age gone by, a saloon with sawdust on the floor, spittoons gathering dust and extract of human.’

‘Information was power and Harker wielded that power expertly, another string to his blackmailers bow.’

Branches scraped against a windowpane and suddenly she realised she didn’t know where she was. The last thing she remembered was a ship, the cold, the ice, the brittle sea.

‘Turmoil had put her body into a coma and until one or the other entity prevailed, life was on hold, delicately balanced on the edge of the abyss, and death.’

‘The girl pulled a small pistol from the sling with her free arm and levelled it at him. It was then, too late, that he knew who she was.’

‘In a final act of contrition, New York’s rain washed the blood away and the sins of a family washed into the gutter where they belonged.’